I am writing this after coming home from a day where I was able to think, talk, listen, comfort, converse, collect, defend, respond, account, play, parent, act a fool, cower, apologize, laugh, hug, give, breathe, surprise, sell, buy, blend, integrate, heal, extinguish, and ignite. I swear I did it all.

Perspective can completely change the way a person thinks about things. A person’s success, self-worth, and impact on the world can be completely attributed to the way he or she thinks about things.

Jason Mudd, Executive Officer

Thing is- when I woke up this morning I was already grateful. I can recall the multitude of times throughout the day that I gazed upward and smiled, thanking whoever is listening above and around for not giving up on me. And as I end this day, sitting up in bed writing to document my journey, I am even more grateful.

Gratitude and love go hand in hand. Like peas and carrots. Peanut butter and jelly. Spaghetti and meatballs. Lamb and tuna fish.

It’s awful hard to be grateful without a feeling of love. And conversely, the act of love itself is gratuitous. Yin and yang. Duality in the best sense.

Circling back- I woke up grateful. It’s a baseline. Being happy is the baseline. I don’t strive for it. I don’t look for it. I don’t work for it. I cannot buy it. I cannot force it. It cannot be given to me. And another person cannot have any effect on it.

Because I am it.

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And you can be it, too.

I also want to know what simple phrases, quotes, or other pearls of wisdom have positively impacted your life. I’m going to pick a guest contributor one day a week so that we can keep this lively from a perspective sense. Email me at hello@yeslouisville.com. I appreciate your thoughts!

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