For over a decade now, I’ve been obsessed with the power of a perspective pivot. Passion for seeing things differently has led to my reacting and living differently. Continual small shifts have led to life altering change. 

If we each sought a perspective pivot to change the way we reacted to a challenging person, or painful situation, collectively we’d become better versions of ourselves. Ultimately, we would change the world.

I used to think (in comparison to what I’d witnessed around me) that I was a loving person. I never really challenged the scope of my love or how I expressed it. Have you?

I recall one Valentine’s Day in particular, where I created a special gift that involved listing all the reasons I loved my Valentine. I thought I was doing something tremendously loving; choosing to highlight his positive traits, when there were many others causing strain in our relationship. I’ve recently been introduced to a perspective pivot that has taken what I thought was positive and loving to a higher place.

I’m willing to bet a high percentage of us have shared with someone special, all the reasons we love them. It’s come to my attention that having reasons for loving someone is conditional love.

Perspective pivot: Unconditional love is when we love for no reason.

This new perspective has me striving to be unconditional with my love, when I thought I already was. 

Valentine’s Day gives us a reason for expressing love to those we hold dear. Though sweet, that isn’t something that’s going to change us (or the world) for the better. However, loving those we don’t hold dear…for no reason…THAT WILL!

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