Someone somewhere needs to hear that they can do it and that anything is possible.  What is “it” you ask?  “It” is anything that you are hoping for, attempting to achieve or planning for the future.  It is possible with hard work, dedication and the ability to accept that you may stumble along the way.  “You can do it” is not just a jumble of words, they are facts.  As I reflect on the last couple of weeks, I have vacillated between being the person who needs to hear those words and the person who knows from experience that those words are very true.  But, everyone needs to let those words sink in and marinate regardless of where you fall.  Every day is a new day to try and make the impossible happen, dreams come true and achievements realized.  Most importantly, enjoy the experience along the way.  

Being on the go I have struggled with having good meals that are healthy and easy.  I am constantly on the go taking my kids to their events, trying to build a business and maintain a successful home life.  As a result, I’ve noticed a few unwanted extra pounds lurking around my mid-section.  I decided to go on a diet leading up to my big summer vacation and I worked really hard to be disciplined and cut out sugar, carbs and pretty much everything that I love to eat.  At the 3-week mark, my summer vacation began.  After 3 long weeks, the results were encouraging.  Also, after 3 long weeks, I was desperate for some of my favorites like pasta, bread and cookie dough ice cream.  I was satisfied with how I was feeling and looking and didn’t want to rush my indulgence. I was at a crossroads, to eat or not to eat, that was the question.  I briefly considered my position.  I was on vacation and had really been missing the “good stuff.”  Plus, I convinced myself, that since I was on vacation, I deserved every savory bite.    

So, I started off slowly with a little nibble here and a little nibble there.  With my first bite of a warm, sugar crepe that practically melted in my mouth, my diet was a thing of the past.  I pinched on a chocolate croissant and then nibbled on a regular croissant slathered in the most delightful strawberry jam.  I pinched and pinched until I had finished more than a serving size and then some.  Everything was so good and I had missed food so much that I overdid it.  Sure, I felt bad for a moment, but I rationalized that I had gone without it for so long that it was ok for me to enjoy it now.  And that was just Day 1.  You can only imagine all of the things that I felt entitled to enjoy because I had been so good at denying myself for 3 weeks.   The final straw was when I ate my cake and my daughter’s cake, too, because: 1. It was good, 2. I didn’t want it to go to waste, and 3. I could handle it because I had denied myself for 3 weeks.  And 4…I was on vacation!  But as you can imagine, I didn’t feel so great after I overdid it.  Then, I wasn’t only feeling physically sick, I was started to feel emotionally sick.   

I was sick at the stomach and super disappointed in myself.  I lamented that I had undermined everything that I worked for.  I started plotting my next big crash diet to make up for all the damage I had done.  And then, like a ton of bricks, it hit me.  I didn’t want to do another crash diet and deny myself to the point that I run with open arms nose first following the scent of all things good and delicious.  I simply wanted to eat the things that I enjoy in moderation so I don’t feel like I have to make up for anything later.  I mean, if I had just allowed myself to eat “the good stuff” like bread and cake regularly, I wouldn’t feel so crappy now.  But, there was a little voice that still said I can do it, and do it I did!    

In the words of Denzel Washington, “Without commitment you’ll never start, without consistency you’ll never finish.” So today, I tell you, that you can do it.  Not in a flash, or on a flash diet.  But with planning, commitment and consistency.  So, I stumbled.  But now it is time to get up and “just do it.” You’ve got this, too, anything is possible.  Keep going, you can do it and journey on!

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