Have you ever had one of those days that you wonder what in the world is going on?  You’re sure that at any minute someone will jump out and tell you that you’re being pranked.  I’m sure you’re thinking, who hasn’t?!   And it always seems that I have one of those days when I have so much to do, time is short and pressure is high.  Well, I recently had one of those days, and surprisingly, it has turned out to be one of my best days ever.

The day started with us oversleeping and rushing to get out of the house.  Once we were actually on the road we managed to get stuck at absolutely every light.  Finally, I dropped off the kids only to discover that one of them had left their homework in the car.  Of course, I had a meeting that I had to get to, so I couldn’t turn around; ok, I did turn around.  I then got stuck by a train en route to my meeting and arrived a few minutes late.  That meeting then ran longer than expected which pushed back my next meeting and…you get the idea.  

Feeling exhausted, stressed and somewhat defeated, I was not in the best of moods.  Although I still needed to eat, I considered skipping a scheduled lunch date with a dear friend of mine so that I could catch up on some of my work.  But, as luck would have it, I was unable to reschedule, so I took the time to stop and grab a quick bite to eat with my friend. 

She explained that she and her family discovered that their home had toxic levels of mold and that she has a gene mutation that won’t allow her to expel mold that she breathes in.  She had been struggling for years with mystery illnesses and finally she knew what was going on with her health.  She and her family had to move immediately and leave everything behind.  Their insurance would not cover it, so the expenses would be devastating.  But, she was still so thankful to finally know the source of her underlying medical conditions that she had been suffering with for years.

The urgency and seriousness of her situation definitely put into perspective what I was going through.  I was so glad that I took the time to connect with her because she really needed it.  And surprisingly, it relieved my stress to focus on how I could help and support her through this ordeal.  While I was legitimately having a stressful day, neither my life nor my family’s life was in the midst of both a health and financial crisis.  It felt good to learn how I could support her through this discovery.  It felt better knowing that making the time to visit with her gave her the opportunity to vent and a momentary reprieve from her chaos.  Even in the midst of my perfect storm, there was someone else who needed to hear my voice, to see my smile and who I could comfort.  

We all have THOSE days, but I hope you are comforted knowing that even at your worst, there is someone who needs to hear from you and see you because you are valuable to them.  For every season of our lives we are tested with the impossible task of perfectly balancing life.  I hope you also find comfort in knowing that there is no perfect balance and that your best is good enough. Keep calm and balance on!   

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