Kathlene Denhard is a woman that wears many hats. And she does some pretty cool stuff. She starts her work days extra early at Alpha Media, the company that powers some of the 502’s legacy radio stations, to bring listeners their morning traffic updates, which can literally change a person’s direction in life every morning. She is also the marketing coordinator for a local marketing and PR company. But that’s not why I wanted to talk to her.

Around Thanksgiving, I was browsing Facebook and came to a post where she was thanking a small army for their help in producing a Thanksgiving dinner for (what sounded like) another small army. And when I started reading more I saw what was at the center of everything. A non-profit called ‘Kans For Kids” that she started. When she was 19.

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Nineteen years old. Think about what you were doing at 19. Then have a listen to the show and learn about @KDonAir and how she is #MakingHungerHistory.

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