I didn’t drink coffee for over a decade.

I was a senior in high school when I gave it up, but with the rise of Starbucks, I was already totally addicted. I had a heart issue (which is not serious- don’t panic!), and the doctor said the best thing I could do was give up caffeine (along with a list of other things I eventually would begrudgingly do).

There’s something so communal about coffee. And of course, one could argue that you can have the same kind of communion over tea, or wine, or whatever– but to me, coffee simultaneously means “let’s kick back and learn about each other” and “let’s get things done”. Coffee is a drink of productivity.

I started my coffee journey again in February 2016 while in New Orleans (because you can’t NOT drink coffee in NOLA), and while I’m certainly not on a drink it everyday kick, I definitely could be (in the desires of my heart. I’m not actually confident my heart would love me drinking coffee every single day– I’ll stick to my protein shake in the morning).

A funny thing has happened since I started drinking coffee again, though. While it makes my heart race, I also find that it gives me calm; I take a moment to breathe, enjoy my drink, and think about what direction my life is going.

I digress.

Recently, I was invited to a space I grew up in. I was offered a coffee, and the conversation that took place over that cup was absolutely magical. I was telling someone my story– a story I should know very well– and I had a hilarious epiphany while I was doing it.

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There’s a long version, and a short version– the short version goes like this: I anticipated that my life was going a different direction– to the other side of the planet– and things changed. Instead of setting sail, I dropped anchor– and something amazing happened. The level of service I wanted to provide didn’t change, but where I wanted to immerse myself did. And it took a while to notice that, but I have found myself drawn to a place very much like my home on the other side of the planet. And they happened so flawlessly, so beautifully coordinating with each other that I never thought for half a moment that it was by grand design.

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Why not? I don’t know. But over that cup of coffee, I felt my heart sigh a breath of relief– because, in this realization, I found the faith of my childhood, of my youth– unquestioning trust that no matter what lies ahead, My God has this under control.


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