This episode of the #LeaderSeries podcast showcases a world-renowned cigar brand, coupled with a local business that has built itself on quality over quantity for 43 years. J Paul Tucker owns Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe and he has paired up with Rene Castaneda, president of Villiger Cigars North America, to bring an amazing, high-end cigar to the states. In this podcast, Mark Palmer & Jason Mudd lead the conversation to break down what goes into a fine, handcrafted cigar, as well as what it takes to build an international business. Rene is also joined by his master blender Matias Margoto who talks us through the level of old-world quality that this brand is built upon.

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Even if you aren’t a fan of cigars, the level of experience from an entrepreneurial standpoint is priceless. And while this chat is one of the longer episodes, the knowledge held within is worth the time investment. So pop in some headphones, take a walk or get to work and learn from some market movers. It’s very cool.


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