I’m Jason Mudd and I’m the creator of Yes Louisville and Yes Brands. You may have noticed that our podcast channel has had a name change from ‘The Yes Brands Audible Experience’ to ‘The Serendipitous Channel’. You may have wondered what this means and why it happened.

Thank you for asking! I appreciate those questions!

Long story short- I believe that my life has been run, for the better, by serendipity for the last few years. Serendipity has played a major role in my life and it can play a major role in your life too. 

I’m kicking off my regular show, ‘On Mudd’s Mind’, with a little due diligence to explain some things first. I hope you subscribe and follow along with this show as well as the other great shows we get to share.

Follow me on the socials by searching @SocialMudd and check out @YesLouisville while you’re at it. I appreciate the support so much!

Check us out on iTunes and Subscribe!
Check us out on iTunes and Subscribe!

Thanks again and I hope this sheds some light on what I do, who I am, and why I’m so passionate about it!

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