When you think of pineapples you probably think of beautiful tropical places, sweet fruit and mindless relaxation.  You may also think of delicious desserts and invigorating aromas.  But, you’d probably never think of comparing yourself to a pineapple, right?  Well, I would never have thought of comparing myself to a pineapple, much less inviting my preteen daughter to make it her spirit fruit.  But, I have!  And she has.  And we are so proud to be pineapples.  

Our pineapple journey happened by accident when I saw that a woman decided to get a pineapple tattooed on her arm.  I initially thought, “yikes, she’s going to regret that in a few years.”  Sure, she’s young and playful now, but in a few years is that really the look she wants to go for?  Imagine, she’s in an elegant strapless dress and sporting Sponge Bob’s house tattooed on her arm.  Or, she could be at work fighting each day to be taken seriously as she brandishes a pineapple on her forearm.  I love tattoos and the only reason I don’t have one yet is because I could never think of anything that I permanently wanted to look at for the rest of my life, until now.   I will now be the lady with a pineapple tattoo…hopefully one day in the near future.  

Why a pineapple?  A pineapple stands tall and wears a crown.  Even the pineapples that are way past their prime have a beautiful crown that makes them look so regal.  That beautiful green crown on the pineapple will be a constant reminder that even on my worst days I have every reason to hold my head high and stand tall.  I am smart, I am capable and I am worthy.  Even when I make mistakes, even when I don’t know all the answers, I will stand tall like a pineapple.  

But the skin on the pineapple is so rough and can almost be prickly at times.  Yes, that’s the beauty of the pineapple.  It’s important to have a tough exterior because as the saying goes, “life comes at you fast!”  While I’d love to believe that all people are nice and have good intentions.  The truth is that we have to guard our hearts and our feelings with a tough exterior for those times when people are not so nice.  This is a point that is especially important for me to convey to my daughter as bullying is rampant and relentless with social media.  It is more important now, than ever, that she has a daily reminder to stand tall and guard her precious heart.  It is imperative that we be able to shield ourselves from the negativity that may be aimed at us or taking place around us, so that we can keep moving and succeeding.  Just like the pineapple, stay firm, stay strong and remember to stand tall.  

And of course, the sweetest thing that has inspired me to get a pineapple tattoo is that it is so sweet.  I want to of course be tough on the outside and protect my heart, but remember to be kind and sweet and try not to become jaded.  The pineapple is a happy reminder of maintaining a healthy balance of being sweet, kind, patient and refreshing.  I never want to allow the actions of others to change who I am on the inside.  I always want to remember to be a leader with my head held high, to treat others with kindness and compassion and blocking the haters out.  So ladies and gentlemen, that is why I will soon be the lady with the pineapple tattoo.  

How about you?  What is your spirit fruit?  What guides and motivates you each day?  Just in case you too may need a reminder from time to time that you are valuable, amazing and inspiring, I invite you to join the happy pineapple movement with me.  Even if we don’t get matching pineapple tattoos, please remember to stand tall, guard your heart, stay sweet and journey on.  

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