We LOVE our many amazing contributors & the ways they bring their positive voices to YesLouisville.com with rich content crafted to help you live your best life!

One of the wonderful people we have the pleasure of publishing each month is motivational speaker, friend, mother, wife, & author of Color Today Pretty, Stephanie Feger.

We first met Stephanie in our former office space inside Story Louisville where she was preparing to teach wreath-making classes with Level Up Louisville & also about to release her first book. She glows with positivity & it is 100% authentic, so naturally she caught our eye.

Today, Stephanie shares her life experiences, insights for daily living, & encouragement for life’s challenges on her website colortodaypretty.com & in her column on YesLousville.com.

Our CEO Jason Mudd sat down with Stephanie to learn more about her story & her current work. Have a listen & get to know this amazing woman!

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Check us out on iTunes and Subscribe!

Check out her contributions to our Eureka Moments collection HERE!

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