I never ever ever ever, in my current life, go to that Kroger where some stupid stuff happened today in Louisville

It’s not that I don’t like that Kroger, or that I don’t like that neighborhood, it’s just not on my route for where I currently abide.

But it used to be a place that I would grab lunch from, at the salad bar, pretty regularly. 

So in the big picture, I could have been there…

But I’m very grateful that I wasn’t. 

The senseless acts of one individual resulted in the loss of the lives of a few people that just happened to be there. Maybe getting a salad.

Senseless acts can happen anywhere, anytime. And they do. All.The.Time. Thankfully, the end result is generally not of this magnitude. 

Words are some of the most powerful things that we have. And often, when we are in a tissy, we use words in a harmful way. We have all said things that we can’t take back. 

You can’t ‘un-say’ something.

You can’t ‘un-see’ something.

You can’t ‘un-hear’ something.

You can’t ‘un-pull the trigger’ of that literal gun. Or the proverbial one, for that matter. 

Anyone could have been there. Because that ‘there’ could have been anywhere.

And I can relate to that.

Life is short. Crazy can happen anywhere. At anytime. 

And there is really nothing anyone can do to prevent or predict it. 

But we can be grateful for every moment.

We can make sure that we express our love for those that we have it for, whenever we can.

Be excellent to each other.

Ted Theodore Logan

We can see that we share more in common with each other than we often care to admit, regardless of our socio-economic-demographic-partisan-demopublican-race-sex-gender-identity-whatever status. 

We all have a heart. ❤️

Love is all there is.

Let’s spread it.

Yes, it’s that easy.

Yes that’s a challenge.

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