We throw words around all the time. ‘Love’ is a word that gets mixed up in a lot of things. 

“I love that movie.” 

“I love that car.” 

“I love lamp.” 

It can be confusing on so many levels for people. While there are many levels of love, like everything, the perception that one can love a ‘thing’ in the same manner as a ‘soul’ changes the value. 

Think about this: if someone likes a flower, they will pluck it, smell it, admire the beauty, but then the flower will wilt and die. No one else will be able to experience the beauty. But if someone truly loves the flower, they will admire it as it is, and they will water it and do things to promote its growth. 

This way of thinking has impacted me quite a bit. It makes me evaluate my ties to everything and puts into perspective the way I interact with the world. 

And I think it even takes some pressure off and helps me love more. 

Which is nice. 

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