I am officially in my mid-30s.

At first, checking that new demographic box on forms and surveys pained me. It meant I was no longer objectively “young.” I think they call me an “elder millennial” now. Whatever that means.

While there are definitely downsides to aging (Why does my neck hurt all the time and where are the Tums?) there are also big benefits. My favorite perks of climbing higher up the hill (so far) are the extra lame (but actually awesome) things that are totally acceptable to do.

Gone are the days of raging into the night at the hottest club in town (okay, I never actually did that) and here are the days of early bedtimes, hot tea, and baths with epsom salt (be jealous).

I relish going to sleep with the sun (not much after in winter even though that is EARLY). There’s (almost) nothing better than snuggling under the covers and picking up a big ass book (hello Joe Hill) and falling into the pages until I fall into slumber. I usually pre-game the read with a Benadryl (or two) to be sure I snooze hard and long through the night. Noises don’t wake me up, but my creaking neck and popping shoulder do. What can I say? Too much concert fist pumping in my 20s.

There’s no more pressure to date, which I love. In my 20s people were very concerned with whether or not I was dating and, if not, why. They were SO worried about me being on my own in the big city, concerned about me getting too good at living alone. I was never concerned about either on my own, but I let them make me feel like there was something wrong with me for being okay without it. Now, they’ve all given up on me ever being in a relationship. Which is messed up, but I welcome it because it liberates me from their obsessive questioning and the conservative societal timeline expectation of women that I grew up with.

Would I happily welcome an awesome someone to adventure with? Yes. I love to snuggle (etc.) and have no aspirations to die alone with a house full of dogs (yes, dogs…cats make me itch). But, I’m also not on a scavenger hunt for a spouse and I like my life and my freedom. It will take a hell of a human to make me want to change it. If you’re up for the challenge, bring it on (wink wink).

I could go on, but my point is…getting older is awesome. Embrace it. Anticipate it. Don’t see it as the end of anything amazing. It’s the start of things that are way better, starting with generally not giving a flying f*&% and just doing you!

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