Bad faith.

That is the term my friend gave me for it.

He is probably my smartest friend and when I tried to describe the feeling I wanted him to coin a name for, I had barely started talking before he handily offered me this:

“Bad faith. Everyone’s need to discredit everything,” he succinctly defined.

We have all started to develop this pesky habit. 

Good guys aren’t that good. Bad guys are worse than you thought. There is a dark side to everything.

You know what I am talking about.

Look at ANY Facebook post where someone says something good:

“My kid loves cereal. Hahaha.”

Three comments in, someone will post an article that points to evidence that breakfast cereal will kill you and that most companies that make it have orphan-run factories and Satan-worshipping CEOs. (Also: Trump.)

Are you a BMF?

It’s like we have all decided that social media is the loophole that allows us to ignore the old dictum “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

It’s now become “If anyone says anything nice, find an article on Buzzfeed that contradicts it.”

When was the last time one of these arguments changed a mind?

Have you ever read a HuffPost takedown piece about your favorite childhood memory and thought “MY LIFE IS BETTER. I WILL NOW BE A BETTER PERSON, PARENT, FRIEND AND GYM PARTNER”?

You have not.

Are there times where there is a legitimate point to be made about something and you should speak up? Sure. (I’d argue there are not that many, but there are some.)

And if you feel strongly about something, CALL THAT PERSON PRIVATELY and discuss it with care and love. Don’t have their phone number? Then you are not close enough to that person to have an opinion that matters to them.

And otherwise – here is the challenge:

Stop it.

Even if your friends list does not stop.

Even if you stopping doesn’t cause anyone else to stop.

And when you see it happen, insert a link to this YouTube video (  in the comments section and move on.

Because we all need better faith. (And more excuses to listen to George Michael).

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