The heat is overwhelming.

It makes it easy to make excuses.

I spent most of July 4th spread out on a pool float, drifting over and over the same square inches.

(Even the pool water was hot.)

The day was unproductive, but it felt justified.

Because… heat.

I tried to run the lawn mower.

The grass was still thick with moisture from repeated afternoon thunderstorms.

(After 3 pm most of the summer, the day explodes in cloudbursts and makes it hard to see out of the windshield. And then it quickly moves away. The scene changes. The props are reset – except for the patio furniture that has been blown over – and by nightfall, it feels like we never had the rain.)

The mower is tired and I am tired. The grass is sticky and doesn’t want to be bothered, to be sliced, to drift away. 

Eventually, there is surrender. A little by each of us.

(I need to find a shower.)

But heat does have benefits.

The higher the temperature, the more the unnecessary is melted away.

When the oxygen is removed from the ore, the metal is made.

This furnace we are sitting in during these muggy months can defeat us – leave us floating in circles and full of excuses.

Or we can push through and come out more valuable on the other side.

Maybe I need to resign myself to dirty knees and sweat down the small of my back.

I can pour the largest of glasses full of water, position a stereo speaker through the window and set my mind to pulling the weeds and cleaning the grime off of the patio bricks.

I just have to make a decision.

To hell with the heat.

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