Ever wonder if you made a different decision, how different your life would look in this very moment?! This is such a powerful thing, but not something to fret or worry about. This is a great thing, and should in some manner bring you sort of a comfort. Life can always change, and nothing you do can’t be adapted, edited, or pursued differently.

When choosing paths in life, there are different avenues we take that lead us to our end destination, or where we are meant to be. This is part of how and why life is so magical, incredible, and emotional all in the same breath. We will go through things, paths, phases, decisions, that will be a part of your journey as a whole. Each step is getting us to our passion, what we are meant to do, what we are meant to be, and where we are meant to be.

Therefore, I challenge you to embrace where you are, love whats ahead, accept whats behind you, and be bold in following your heart, your path, and your destination. #smelltheroses

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