Have you ever been in a situation where you felt unfairly frustrated or burdened by timing?  It happens to me all the time.  It could be as simple as getting stuck in a line that moves as slow as molasses while all of the other lines keep moving right along.  Or it could be running into the store to pick up that one item that you really need and space on the shelf is empty and then you see someone walk away with that item in their hands.  What about when you know you are more than qualified for a new position and feel like it’s yours only to learn that the job went to someone else?  The possibilities are endless.  But, I was recently reminded that sometimes your delay, although frustrating, can truly be for your benefit.

“All good things come in time” and “timing is everything” are more than just clichés.  They truly are facts of life that can help to reduce angst, frustration and us losing our minds over timing catastrophes.  Recently I had to fly to Dallas for work only to discover upon my arrival that I could not complete my job.  I was confronted by opposing counsel who was biased, hostile, rude and content to send my client away for a long time.  As a sole practitioner, this was frustrating for me and for my client whose livelihood was hanging in limbo for yet another Month.  But, the good news was that we had a new certain date that everything would be completed.  So, I immediately purchased my return ticket and prepared for the following month.  Except, yet again, the court date was changed unexpectedly and I did not receive the notice in a timely manner.  By a stroke of luck, I discovered the new date a few days in advance, changed my plane ticket with a whopping $500 upcharge, and prepared for the new date.  This was a perfect storm for frustration and angst.

But, when I arrived, I was greeted by the most gracious opposing attorney.  This was a new attorney who was fair, objective and open to relief for my client.  She was thorough and firm, but in the end, she was not so determined to see him lose to the point that she was unwilling to listen to reason.  Despite what appeared to be a damaging issue, she questioned him with an open mind and discovered that he was in fact deserving of relief.  It was a joyous moment to hear the judge grant his relief.  It made the time away from my family and the back and forth trips so worth it.  The feeling was incredible and it happened due to timing.  

As I reflect on this, everything worked out the way that it was supposed to work out.  I am thankful, in retrospect, for the delays because those delays lead to a sweet reward and justice being served.  It can be so hard to remember that patience is key in the hustle and bustle of life.  But, when you find yourself right in the middle of really bad timing, take a deep breath and realize that something really good will come from your delay.  Have patience and journey on, you’ve got this!   

Sometimes frustrations are just what you need to get where you're going. #AJourneyCalledSmith

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