What causes someone to like you? It’s a hard question to pinpoint down to any single thing, mainly because people are so different in what they prefer and are attracted to. But at the end of the day, we are all more alike than I think we care to believe, and there are some actions that we can do to increase the chances that someone will ‘like’ us. This list, originally posted at Business Insider, has some great tips! You can check out the article in its entirety HERE, but below is the gist:

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1. Copy the person you’re with: This strategy is called mirroring. It involves subtly mimicking another person’s behavior.

2. Spend more time around the people you’re hoping to befriend : This strategy is called the mere-exposure effect. It states that people tend to like other people who are familar to them.

3. Complement other people: People will associate the adjectives you use to describe other people with your personality.

4. Try to display positive emotions: People can unconsciously feel the emotions of those around them. This is often described as emotional contagion.

5. Be warm and competent: People judge others based on their warmth and competence. This is known as the stereotype content model.

6. Reveal your flaws from time to time: According to the pratfall effect, people will like you more after you make a mistake. However this is only true if they believe you are a competent person. Revealing that you are aware of your own imperfectness makes you more relatable and vulnerable.

7. Emphasize shared values: People are more attracted to those who are similar to them. This is referred to as the similarity-attraction effect.

8. Casually touch them: Common examples of subliminal touch include tapping someone’s back or touching their arm, which can make them feel more warmly toward you.

9. Smile: Both in person and in social media images, people tend to like others more when the person is smiling. Think about this when you’re setting a profile image on your social channels.

10. See other people how they want to be seen: You tend to want to be associated with and interact with others who hold similar views to you. People with positive self-views preferred people who thought highly of them, while those with negative self-views preferred critics.

11. Tell them a secret: Self-disclosure is one of the best relationship-building techniques.

12. Show that you can keep secrets, too: People place a high value on both trustworthiness and trustingness in their relationships.

13. Display a sense of humor: Regardless of whether people were thinking about their ideal friend or a romantic partner, a sense of humor was really important.

14. Let them talk about themselves: Apparently, talking about yourself may be inherently rewarding, the same way that food, money, and sex are.

15. Be a little vulnerable: Another one that goes for ideal friendships and romantic relationships. Expressiveness and openness are desirable and important traits in ideal companions.

16. Act like you like them: Based on the phenomenon called reciprocity of liking, when we think someone likes us, we tend to like them as well.

16 Psychology Tricks To Make People Like You Immediately by Maggie Zhang | Business Insider

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