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Louisville is home to quite a few things that have had a large impact on the world. Remember the ‘Got Milk’ ad campaign that got everyone to drink milk in the ’90s? Yep- that came from a mind from this area. And that’s pretty cool, given the overall perception that the rest of the world has about people from Kentucky.

Enter Kevin Grangier, CEO of Belle Noble Entertainment which owns Village Anchor, Le Moo, and Grassa Gramma, a few popular local restaurants. Kevin had a part in the above-mentioned ad campaign.

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Jason Mudd went to Bellewood to chat with Kevin Grangier about why customer experience is so important in business. Kevin Grangier is a talented marketer and has taken his talents to the experiential dining world. And let’s not get things twisted- the restaurant business is tough. It can be very lucrative if you can get it right, however.

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