I am both familiar with and a fan of singing in the shower. 

But I usually partake in this practice when I am in my house. Alone.

But the guy in the shower stall next to me at the gym this morning? He wasn’t just singing (or, to be fair, it was really aggressive humming). He brought his iPhone for back-up. “Soul Hits of the 1980s” seemed to be the playlist of choice. 

Of course, my initial reaction was to be annoyed (if for no other reason than the tin-can sound of an iPhone speaker… but let’s not get distracted…).

But as I heard his impassioned crooning continue, I couldn’t help but smile. 

I was reminded of that old episode of Friends where a neighbor across the alley earns the disdain of the ensemble by throwing open a window and belting “MORNING IS HERE!” in the early hours each day. 

There is something refreshing about someone taking that much control of his day. 

This guy from the gym seemed determined to have a good one – even if it took a little public Al B. Sure karaoke to get him there. 

It left me considering this approach. 

Those days when I wake up feeling tired, nervous or discouraged, how much control do I demand? Do I take charge and find the thing I need to jump start my motivation (whether it is coffee, conversation or cool saxophone solos)? Or do I declare defeat and roll back over against the wall (figuratively OR literally)?

It’s true: some of us have an easier time greeting the AM hours than others. And forcing your favorite slow jam on other people just to get the blood flowing is aggressive posturing. 

But the lesson is in the intentionality. 

What kind of day are you demanding? Go get it, you.  

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