It’s been one of those weeks where I had way too many things on my calendar, not enough time and at times, a very short fuse.  And then, I came across an analogy on Facebook that really stuck with me about spilling some tea.  Now, usually, giving and receiving tea is not my cup of tea (pun intended), but this tea I think we can all appreciate.  Rather than sharing juicy, salacious gossip as the idiom suggests, this tea is words of wisdom.  

I wish I could find the author to give them credit, but the original post has fallen into the Facebook abyss.  So, to the original author, I thank you.  The gist of the analogy was if someone bumped into you while you were holding a cup of coffee and the coffee spilled all over you, and I asked you why you spilled the coffee, your first thought is naturally, “because someone bumped into me.”  But that answer would be wrong; because, if tea had been in the cup, you would have spilled tea all over yourself.  Whatever was inside of the cup is what would spill out.  Likewise, when life shakes us up and bumps us around a bit, whatever is inside of us is going to spill out.  What will spill out of your cup?  Will you spill positivity, patience, kindness or thankfulness?  Or will you stew and spew anger, bitterness and negativity.

To be honest, it is easy to spill out hostility and frustration on your morning commute when cars cut you off or conversely drive as if there are no constraints on time.  It is easy to allow pride to spill out when you feel judged or feel you have to have the last word in an argument.  It is easy to spill out anger when you trip over a ball that you asked someone to pick up several times.  

But, it is just as easy to focus on gratitude for having a car in which to commute.  I experienced that it was so powerful to show restraint and humility rather than escalate an argument.  How much more peaceful would our lives be if we chose to spill forgiveness, love and joy?  From personal experience, it was magical.  I found that consciously choosing to spill out gratefulness I experienced peace.

Yes, the cars still cut me off, but ranting over it didn’t get me to my destination any quicker.  I still had disagreements, but I didn’t allow them to take hold and linger.  The biggest plus, was the positive feedback from the people I love and cherish the most, my family who recognized my inner Zen.  So again, I’m asking you, what will spill out of your cup?  

Live long and journey on!

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