Life can have its ups and downs, that is a known fact. I think it is entirely how we react and handle these times that define us. Sure, it is okay to get sad, emotional, upset, stressed, etc. However, we must make sure we do not let this consume us, own us, empower us, and take hold over our life.

Therefore, I want to dedicate this blog post to making sure we all partake in our own self-care. It may sound silly, sure, but is so immensely important and vital to a healthy and balanced life, honestly. I personally notice an entire world of a difference when I make sure I take time out to do something for myself or to take the stress and emotions, and decide to relax. There are so many individuals ways we can perform and partake in these things, and for each person, it will be different.

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I find this to be so intriguing and interesting, as every part of life, there are different things that fit for that individual, that tick for that person, that interests that person, and so forth. Whether it be a nice candle lit bubble bath, whether it be booking yourself a facial or a massage, a movie night or binge Netflix series with no shame, whether it be downing your favorite guilty pleasure meal and dessert and still wanting more. That is just the brink of things, and yours may be entirely different, and you know what? That Is Okay.

Life is an amazing thing, and as much as the difficult and trying times are not the most comforting and fun to get through, it most definitely allows for the good times to be more appreciated. You can’t have a rainbow without a little rain. 

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