Today is Halloween. And it’s raining. I know its raining because I got soaked leaving Starbucks. When I sat down at my computer I saw this meme which was shared by a single mom on Facebook and there is a line in it that really made me think- “What would your mom have done on October 31st, 1984?”

No internet to find something easier to do.

No Pinterest to get inspiration.

No group texts to rally the neighborhood parents.

No, in 1984 mom would have put on a slicker, gotten the umbrella, made a makeshift poncho, or simply said ‘a little rain won’t hurt you’.

Keep that in mind- a little rain won’t hurt you. I see too often parents telling their kids that rainy days are bad days.

They’re not. They’re just days. But when we as parents (I’m throwing myself under the bus too) condition our kids to see weather as an impediment to life it’s really a reflection on us. We’re lazy.

So get out with your kids and enjoy Halloween in the rain. It will be fun, you’ll make some memories, and when you get home soaking wet, it will be a nice opportunity to break out the hot chocolate.

Happy Halloween!

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