It’s said that every great adventure begins with a single step. The longer I have walked on the face of this earth there is an awareness that every step is the adventure. The more steps I’ve taken the more awareness I have of things I wish I would have done differently and those that I do differently now. Similar to flying, it requires making many minor adjustments continuously and focusing on what is ahead.

I’ve received a lot of letters from other mamas. Some who fly, those who are learning, some have left abusive relationships, and others who simply want to reach out in support and it simply causes me to stop in my tracks with gratitude for the journey that I am on. I am far from perfect and am so grateful to find others who seek out in support of each other regardless of their differences. With each positive message, I’ve also seen the flip side involving behind the scenes gossip of women politely smiling then tearing each other down behind their backs. I am grateful for those moments too for they remind me to keep seeking out those who truly know how to love.

This Is The Life Ladies T

I get asked a lot why I fly. After all, pilots take to the skies for many reasons. Here is my answer.

I fly to leave these petty things on terra firma, to leave behind a world that judges me on my bank account, what I look like physically, my marital status or dating status (or lack thereof), gender, the color of my skin, or how I parent my children. I fly for the adventure of the world that exists above. I fly to a world that has the ability to unite feelings that speak to my heart and set it on fire. I fly places where I can be quiet with my thoughts and hear the roar of the engine. I fly to hear the symphony that exists in the sky.
To be honest, flying takes me to places where I get to embrace more of the girl that I am. I realize I am lacking nothing.  While I am far from a singer, my soul sings the most angelic tune-up in the wild blue. I don’t consider myself an artist and yet I am a part of sunsets that are painted with the most heavenly colors that saturate my skin. It is that sunset that colors my dreams.  I am not a doctor but still, I am healed with the love that embraces me with each flight. I am far from a wilderness adventurer but my adventures have taken me into the wild far beyond the horizon and the limitations of my mind. I am not perfect, but in the sky, I am perfectly imperfect.
A part of living this great story is embracing it and being ok with it. Being ok as a single by myself. Realizing that no one else completes me. No one needs to rescue me. I am not searching for a wingman but to search for the wings on my heart and trust where they lead me. It’s with that trust that I am trusting the adventure I am about to embark upon with my children. This week we will travel to far off adventures on a metal bird that will come alive with the lighting of her engines.To listen to her songs as she pushes in the sky. We are traveling with open hearts and open minds ready to listen to what life will show us and teach us. What life will teach me.
I fly because it’s inside me. What’s inside of you?


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