This season can be a very stressful time for many people. Stress is primarily about how people interpret a situation. If you believe that what’s happening is negative, you will feel stressed out. For instance, one person loses a long term relationship and feels like the world is coming to an end. Another person loses a long term relationship and chooses to see it as a blessing because they believe another, better relationship is coming soon. It’s all in how they see it.

Given how stressful this time of year can be, I thought I would share an amazingly powerful method of relieving stress very quickly called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). It’s a natural method of neutralizing negative emotions and thought patterns by using acupressure and cognitive behavioral therapy. EFT involves tapping certain places (acupressure points) on your face multiple times and saying things related to the issue. EFT looks a bit crazy when you first see it but it’s amazing how quickly and powerfully it works. I have helped my coaching clients resolve past traumas, improve relationships, neutralize phobias and fears, reduce stress, neutralize anxiety and much more with EFT. It’s a very versatile technique. Watch this video to get started, and then you can find the scripted technique for neutralizing stress using EFT here.

Although it seems like a lot to digest, once you get into it, you can go through the whole process in about 10 minutes. Once you learn and understand EFT, you can use it to blast through any negative emotion or thought pattern in just a few minutes.

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