Everyone that is reading this has a realization that they need to come to: YOU are a media company. The rise of social media (read: the internet) has made the content that you post and upload carry just as much, if not more, weight than your typical media outlets. And that comes from the trust that you have built within your networks.

So whats a person to do that likes to take video but doesn’t seem to be that “good” at it? The answer is simple- you get better. We came across this video by Peter McKinnon, a solid photographer, and YouTuber in which he shares his best advice that will help you make your videos look better and attract more attention.

Here are his tips broken down, but make sure you check out the video above.

1. Light Is Number One

Good lighting can make or break your video. It can set the tone, mood and overall feel of the shot. It can add emotion and power. So whether you’re using a pro three-point light setup or just the sun, pay attention to where it is directed and the shadows it casts. If you’re on a budget, window lighting can work very well. Plan ahead and be intentional.

2. Music Makes A Difference

This plays into the editing side, but be mindful of the music that is playing. Keep your edits so that they flow with the soundtrack. Music sets the tone and emphasizes big moments, so make sure you keep that in mind.

3. Learn Your Editing Suite

Physically shooting the video is only half the battle. The real magic comes in during the edits. There are some great options out there that make editing relatively easy. Apple and Adobe even make some pretty powerful editing software that you can use right on your iPhone.

4. Add Motion

Do you why the shots in a movie look so good? Because they’ve mastered the art of moving and panning. Don’t simply shoot from a tripod- it’s boring! You don’t have to go nuts- just approach your subject slowly, pan to the right and around the subject. The moving camera helps to advance the story.

5. Location Location Location

Where you shoot your video is nearly as important as what you shoot. Take time to plan out your scenes, and make an effort to find the perfect spot. You can do this on a micro level as well as a macro level. The space you’re in already likely has some unique areas that would make for a better shot than the main area. Think about timing as well so that you’re conscious of the natural light that is available.

You may not be the next Marty Scorsese, but I’m willing to bet that if you follow these 5 tips your videos will look better immediately. Give it a try and use these tips to improve your social media feeds! And luckily we live in Louisville, so there is no shortage of beautiful things to use as a backdrop.

Where is your favorite place to shoot video? Leave your location tips in the comments!

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