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Help Those Less Fortunate AND Clean Out Your Closet! Louisville Free Coat Exchange

So many of us are burdened with the blessing of too much stuff. We find ourselves filling our closets to the point of overflowing. It’s the nature of life to grow. But there are ways to clean your closet and help those that do not have what they need. The 7th Annual Free Coat Exchange […]

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PINK PROM is THIS FRIDAY! Grab Your Tickets And Help Fund Cancer Care

Every year, breast cancer strikes more than 200,000 women in the U.S. and kills another 40,000 women. When breast cancer is detected early, it is not only easier to treat, but the chance of survival is higher. Unfortunately, the women who reside in South Louisville are not being screened and diagnosed early enough. When they […]

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#LeaderSeries Podcast no. 54: J Paul Tucker, Rene Castaneda, Matias Margoto, & Mark Palmer

This episode of the #LeaderSeries podcast showcases a world-renowned cigar brand, coupled with a local business that has built itself on quality over quantity for 43 years. J Paul Tucker owns Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe and he has paired up with Rene Castaneda, president of Villiger Cigars North America, to bring an amazing, high-end cigar to the states. In this podcast, Mark Palmer & Jason […]

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NEW Cigar Brand Launch Party @ Marketplace Restaurant Thursday Oct. 12

Come out and join J Paul Tucker of Oxmoor Smoke Shoppe for an evening to introduce an exciting new cigar! We will have in attendance Rene Castaneda, President of Villiger 1888 and Jose Matias Margoto, Master Blender, and owner of Abam Cigars Dominican Republic. Your $20 ticket will include: -Receive 1 LaFlor de Ynclan featured […]

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An Intimate Chef’s Series at Fante’s Coffee House no. 1: Anoosh Shariat

Fante’s Coffee and Yes Louisville have paired up to bring Louisvillian’s a fun after-dinner event series, titled ‘An Intimate Chef’s Series’. This monthly event is held on the 4th Monday of each month and showcases a local chef which prepares a lovely dessert or tasting meal, which is then paired with a house roasted and […]

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Be Like Cathy [#TheEichLife no. 45]

There is little we like more – as human beings – than being sure. We like being sure of how long it will take us to get to work, where we will park our car and what we will eat for dinner later. We like to be sure of even the most trivial things. It’s […]

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Inspire With Caution [#502KeepsFit]

As I read about Former Ironman Dean Mercer who just recently died of a heart attack and with my own heart attack following my first triathlon while I was training for my own Ironman attempt, it made me do more research into what might be going on. Dean Mercer died after suffering a cardiac arrest […]

Get Going Chats: Sadhana Yoga Beyond The Mat [#YesBrandsAudibleExperience]

Subscribe On Apple Podcasts Subscribe On Google Play Music! Our fitness partner, Cynthia Williams, of sat down with Nerissa Sparkman of Sadhana Yoga of Louisville to chat about how they got started, the benefits of yoga, living a healthy life and so much more. This is a great soup to nuts chat about the […]

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30 Minutes To Rock Hard ADs [Special Audio Session at Oohtopia]

Listen & Subscribe on Apple Podcasts! Subscribe & Listen on Google Play Music! 30 Minutes To Rock Hard Ads, powered by the creative team at Oohology and brought to you by Everyone is a media company, so here are great tips to help make the most of your online marketing. Whether you’re doing it […]