Mark your calendars, folks! Molly is such a joy and a fantastic artist! 

For immediate release:

Revelry is proud to present ‘Heartfelt’ – a collection of felt landscapes and patterns found in nature, all hand-stitched by our very own Gallery Director, Molly Sue! Each art piece is embellished with beaded accents – without a sewing machine ever used in the process. Every bead is stitched on by hand, from the heart. 

Find yourself star gazing in the Sonoran desert, counting the phases of the moon and staring into a golden sunset over sandstone silhouettes. 

In this detailed array of work, the viewer is transported to sublime scenes inspired by Molly’s memories in the Southwest. Born and raised among the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona, Molly moved to Louisville in 2013 before promptly immersing herself in the local art scene. “Louisville has been the most perfectly unique place to call home for the past few years. The abundance of talent, opportunity and love in this city is profoundly beautiful, and I’m honored to share my work with all of you!”


Who: Molly Sue Huffman

What: Heartfelt 

Where: Revelry Boutique Gallery, 742 E Market Street

When: Saturday, March 11th (closing April 12th) 7pm – 10pm 

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