“Oh, that’s pretty!” is often followed by, “I probably can’t afford it.” WRONG. Art can absolutely be accessible and that was the number one goal behind the opening of M.A.D.S Gallery.

Prior to entering the art realm within Louisville, I studied and worked in private and public accounting. The only training in art I had received was the mandatory courses in grade school – but yet I opened an art gallery. There’s nothing trickier than the art field but not for the reasons most would assume. There is a stigma that if it is an original piece you have to be ready to shell out the big bucks. If it is in a museum then you may be correct, but not every piece in every gallery is going to break your bank.

Madison in her gallery happy place.

Louisville has great examples of galleries within the city that showcase works by local and statewide artists. Shopping for art doesn’t always have to mean a purchase has to occur. You can shop for inspiration for your own creativity, you can shop for a little break from the real world, or just some pleasure in witnessing a handmade creation.  My favorite part of shopping for local art is knowing not only will the piece be a spectacular addition to my home or office but with my purchase, I supported someone’s passion. The amount of talent within this city is vast and you can get your hands on a piece of that talent for the same price or just a bit more than you would for a mass-produced piece of paper or canvas from a big box retailer.

When you enter M.A.D.S gallery you are greeted by, well myself, and two 80-foot walls filled with varieties of paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works. When you glance out the window and down the street you can see another form of art that creates its own display of talent; a street mural.

Each month I am going to share with you what art I am MADS about – local galleries, hidden gems, specific pieces, art-focused events all while helping you navigate the art realm just as I navigate my own way through it.

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