Hey, y’all! Summer is ending; while I am more than ready for pumpkin-flavored everything, comfy sweaters, being outside without sweating, apple cider, and all of that jazz – I still get a little emotional when I see summer end.

Summer, to me, is about freedom. 

It’s about body liberation and loving yourself in your swimsuit. 

It’s about traveling – to places near and far. 

It’s about food raised from the garden, a beautiful reaping of labor. 

It’s about spending time on patios, sweet tea in hand, enjoying the company of family, friends, or even a good book.

To get the most of the rest of your summer here in the Louisville area, here are my top five suggestions:

Waterfront Wednesday is easily one of my favorite Louisville events. It exudes a sense of community, togetherness, all while serving as a gathering place for like-minded people. It is a monthly concert on the waterfront between April and September, typically falling on the last Wednesday of the month (unless it has to accommodate Derby/holidays). There are only two more dates this season – Wednesday, August 29th and Wednesday, September 26th. The best part? It’s free! 

Photo Courtesy of WFPK 
  • Dine Outside At Your Favorite Restaurant

Y’all know that food is my gig. One of my favorite parts about eating out is the socialization aspect of it. I love getting together with friends, old and new, and sharing stories. It’s the country in me. There are many restaurants in the city with fantastic patios; however, my top recommendations include: The Eagle, Joy Luck, and The Silver Dollar. 

Photo Courtesy of The Silver Dollar

Located in La Grange, Kentucky, the FRP Quarry is a rock quarry that is maintained purely by rain water; without any runoff, the water remains clear, clean, and gorgeous. With an admission fee of $15, you are granted access to a fantastic day of summer fun. Be sure to bring a flotation device, for they are required; also, alcohol is not allowed on the premises.

Image Courtesy of Falling Rock Park Quarry – LaGrange, KY
  • Go To The Farmers’ Market

As a foodie – and as one that grew up in the country – my least favorite time of year is when we have to switch from garden tomatoes to hothouse tomatoes. There’s nothing better than garden food. For one, it’s amazing to be sustained by the fruits of your (or a local person’s) labor. Secondly, it just doesn’t get fresher. Be sure to hit up the Farmers’ Markets around town before they are gone – whether it be the Original Bardstown Road, the St. Matthews, the Douglass Loop, the Schnitzelburg, or any of the others, I assure you that you will find delicious produce! As an added bonus, you’ll be supporting the local economy – something that we hold very dear here in Louisville.

Photo Courtesy of Douglas Loop Farmer’s Market

Dairy Kastle is one of my favorite places in all of Louisville. Hands down. It’s cheap, classic, and downright delicious. A walk-up experience, it takes you back in time – to your childhood, to simpler times. My favorite is the cherry-dipped cone. I won’t confess how many times I have one each season…

What are your must-do’s before we change seasons? Be sure to tell me in the comments, reach out to me on my blog (www.jcpeats.com), or via DM on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest (@jcpeats).

As I always say: Happy Eating, Happy Traveling, Happy Living.

Y’all come back now, ya hear?

My best,


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