Kentucky Kingdom is open for the season and celebrating their 30th Anniversary with the installation of their sixth roller coaster, an all-new family-friendly concept, the Kentucky Flyer!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Family friendly” means “kid friendly” which means anyone over age the age of 10 will think it’s lame and ask to ride a real coaster.


I had the opportunity to experience Kentucky Flyer during a media preview prior to the public opening of the park, and this coaster lover screamed, laughed, and had a totally thrilling time from the first fall to the final stop.

Designed by The Gravity Group of Cincinnati, Kentucky Flyer stands 47 feet tall and incorporates 12 airtime elements in its 1,288 feet of track. Those stats are stunning, but differ greatly from neighboring coasters like Lighting Run and T3, which are more than twice as tall and soar at speeds of around 20 miles per hour faster than their newest coaster cousin.

Those differentials make Kentucky Flyer accessible to young riders and individuals who want a rush without the element of terror that larger rides are known for. The height requirement of Kentucky Flyer is also less than other coasters of its caliber. Unlike T3’s minimum height requirement of 52″, anyone 40″ or taller can enjoy the twists and turns of the timberliner trains on Kentucky Flyer.

This is a total game changer for families of children with significant age differences and groups with a wide range of thrill seeking interests. No more divided days with one parent taking the 8 year old one direction and the 13 year old the opposite way. No need to split groups and rendezvous at Hurricane Bay in the afternoon because it’s the only space everyone can agree on. Kentucky Flyer is the coaster for everyone. So, cheers to no more ride wars on your visit to the park!

This innovation is perfectly on par for Kentucky Kingdom, who boasted North America’s first inverted looping coaster. Investors like original owner Ed Hart, Ed Glasscock, Bruce Lunsford, and the Al J. Schneider Company are committed to raising the bar each season and making Kentucky Kingdom and Hurricane Bay the premier amusement park destination in the region. We highly recommend making plans to visit soon to soar on Kentucky Flyer and enjoy every stand out experience “the Kingdom” has to offer.

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