The world we live in is so amazing. Take a moment and think about the technology we all have in our hands and how it enables us to be connected to literally the entire world on our own time. It’s absolutely incredible. But it also means that every one of us has the responsibility to show up with our ‘A’ game on a daily basis, and to date, “they” (who is ‘they’ anyway?) haven’t issued an official manual for how to represent yourself or your business online.

That’s where we come in. Our group, Yes Brands, is an ever-expanding group of folks who have invested time into learning the ins and outs of what is effectively the universal distribution channel (the internet). We refer to social media as being the current state of this…internet. And it is ever-changing, which makes it necessary to be in a continual state of learning.

We learn, compile, experiment, weed out, and find what works. So we can show you.

To kick off our “Just Say Yes” educational and inspirational series, we’re offering a Social Media Kickstart breakfast and learning experience. This introductory event is being held Wednesday, March 14th at 9:00 am at Noosh Nosh. We’ll provide a lovely, healthy breakfast and give you a great overview of things you should be doing but probably aren’t. And then we’ll show you how to start doing the things.

Come join us- we’d love to help you!


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