Anyone who knows me knows I love the theatre.

(Yes, with an “re”. No, that’s not pretentious.)

It’s not about getting gussied up to go out. It’s about engaging with artists sharing social commentary through stories on stage. I can’t get enough of it.

I also cannot get enough of Actors Theatre of Louisville.

We are crazy spoiled to have this caliber of performance space in our city delivering innovative new material & seasonal classics to audiences of all ages throughout the year. Each performance is done to the nines, every time.

I recently had the pleasure of catching this season’s Professional Training Company (PTC) & their presentation of The Tens, an evening of ten-minute plays, produced & executed entirely by company members, both on & off the stage.

To be honest it was a late curtain time & part of me wanted to stay put in my warm house & go to bed early. But, I’m glad theatre love trumped the homebody & pushed me out the door.

These young professionals were dynamic, captivating performers who executed their short productions with precision. They rose to the challenges of the open Victor Jory Theatre space & transitioned seamlessly from play to play in clever ways, with the full company adding & subtracting stage elements evolving the space to the next story.

From lighthearted scenes on the streets of Paris to solemn expressions of life in crisis, they took us on an emotional human journey that every audience member could relate to in some way.

After The Tens I realized that I knew next to nothing about the Professional Training Company, so I sat down with Laura Mullaney, Communications Apprentice with the PTC, to learn! Truth be told she was my press contact for MONTHS before I even knew she was a PTC member. For shame!

It was not at all surprising to hear that the Actors Theatre’s PTC is a highly coveted training program opportunity for aspiring theatre professionals. Everything they do is top shelf, after all. But, it was amazing to hear that they have FORTY-TWO PTC members across sixteen disciplines! The twenty actors are the most visible members & make up the majority of the professional training company. Other disciplines include:

Marketing | Communications | Festivals & Events | Development | Company Management | Producing & Casting | Directors | Education | Literary (Dramaturge) | Production Management | Stage Managers | Lighting | Costume | Sound | Props | Scene Design

Every aspect of professional life in a theatre is covered & these apprentices get a real life work load with real life schedules in the program. In fact, the Actors Theatre PTC is the only one of its kind that really submerges the group in a deeply connected 48 hour work week where they partner with full time staff to run every aspect of the theatre from late July through late April each year.

Laura shared that she has the opportunity to operate as a true communications manager, interacting with the press, photographers, community partners & the public every day. She loves finding the talking points to share & collaborating with the press to showcase the current shows. She will end her PTC season with abundant experience on her resume & this makes her more marketable to the places she will apply to do full time communications/marketing in the world of performance arts!

So, who can be part of the PTC at Actors Theatre of Louisville?

The short answer is…ANYONE!

There are no age limits, although it has traditionally targeted young professionals & recent graduates. The company is intentionally very diverse, reflecting that value of the larger theatre organization. Anyone who is interested can apply online & go through the interview process. Members are selected from across the nation & are prepared for arrival in Louisville by the staff at Actors & the incredible alumni network of former PTC members.

The alumni network is one of the most impressive parts of the program, providing PTC members with insight into the real world of professional theatre, collaboration potential for future projects, & connections across the country!

Laura’s time at Actors Theatre of Louisville will soon be coming to a close, but she will get a chance to show off The Ville to family & friends who are coming in for the Humana Festival of New American Plays! She also plans to stay in Louisville for Derby before diving into another full time grind. New Jersey born & raised, she hopes to find a role at a theatre or arts publication in or near NYC!

We wish Laura & all the other members of the Actors Theatre of Louisville Professional Training Company the best & can’t wait to see how you will impact the national theatre scene. Break a leg! You have executed this season beyond perfection if you ask us, past the nines…to the tens!

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