Everyone has those days that just drive you crazy, where nothing, and I mean NOTHING is going right for you.  It happens to everyone, and there are simple actions that can make the day not so unbearable.  Nothing will prevent you from having bad days- that’s just part of life. But I can promise you, if you take action when you recognize the funk you’re in, it can and will h e l p.

{ Deep breathe }

When the day just doesn’t want to work in your favor, and all you want to do is scream or cry, or perhaps both do not forget to breathe. It is crazy the difference a deep breath can make in your attitude, patience, and perception.  A deep breath can calm your thoughts, give you a minute to forget your problems, and refresh.

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{ Be passionate }

In whatever your day is consumed of, be sure to be passionate in all you do.  This will ensure a dedication and focus on what you are doing no matter the outside circumstances that may interfere.  Keep your goals top of mind, and that will most definitely guarantee an easier “swerve” to the bullets of bad day vibes.

{ Reward yourself }

Who can disagree that a smoothie, bakery treat, coffee, or whatever your guilty pleasure is can’t turn the day around for you?  I sure hope the answer is a unanimous NOBODY. When the waters are rough on that random Tuesday, take a 30-minute break, and reward yourself.  It will give you a small break, give you some small joy, and allow you to regroup and tackle the rest of the day with a happy and more peaceful mindset.

{ Just keep going }

Everybody remembers Dori from “Finding Nemo” right?! She always told Nemo “just keep swimming”. This line is actually something that I constantly repeat in my mind when I feel like just giving up that. In other words, Dori is saying, no matter what, just keep going. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and fake it until you make it. If your heart and mind feel like you can’t, p r e t e n d until you can. AND YOU WILL.

May these simple but effective reminders help make your rainy days a little brighter. We’d love to hear what you “do” to make your “off days” a little better! Leave a comment or send me an email to Rose@YesLouisville.com.

-Rose Crombie

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