Hey, y’all! As most Louisvillians know, our weekend at Bourbon and Beyond was cut short. While open, it was a muddy, rainy mess – but, it was still a heck of a good time. First and foremost, I want to thank the Bourbon and Beyond staff + the City of Louisville for putting the safety of patrons above all. Also, the immediate announcement of the refunding of tickets was a respectable, good move on behalf of the festival. It made me even more excited to attend next year!

Confession: I am, by and large, a general admission kind of guy. 

I typically don’t feel as if it’s worth it to pay the elevated ticket price at festivals. However, though via a shortened version, I was proven wrong last weekend.

Near one of the main stages was the tent exclusively for Mint Experience and VIP patrons of Bourbon and Beyond. Key word = tent. This made the rain and muddiness much more tolerable. There were chairs, couches, and big screen televisions projecting the performers for all to see. 

I felt that it fostered a community setting; we were all there for good food, strong bourbon, and great music. We all wanted the weather to improve. However, we all still made the most of the situation.

In the tent, I met new friends, ran into old friends, and met many JCP Eats followers. What a special feeling!

After the rain slowed, and when it was time for Sheryl Crow, the country boy in me came out to play. I didn’t mind the rain. At a festival, I’m typically the kind of person to remove my Birkenstocks and dance in the field all night long. While I kept on my Chacos, it didn’t matter that it was a muddy mess. It was about the music, the feeling, the experience. I wiggled to my heart’s desire – and for that experience, I am thankful.

The evening progressed with fantastic music, almost face-planting a time or two or three, and having a great time. 

The ease in facilitation of the festival experience for the Mint Experience/VIP Experience became more and more clear to me. We had private booths for merchandise, food, and drinks – which, ultimately, made the lines much, much shorter. 

After a fantastic evening, I arrived back to my apartment covered in mud and chock-full of memories. For that, I am indebted. Thank you, Bourbon and Beyond, for putting on a great festival. I know it will be even bigger and better next year – and I can barely wait to see the lineup.

Cheers to our city, Louisville – as a community, we continue to foster growth, opportunity, and fun for all. We celebrate food, culture, oddities, and great music. We celebrate each other. We celebrate living. That’s a cause I can get behind.

As always, Happy Eating, Happy Traveling, Happy Living!

My best,


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