Vision is realized, while dreams fade away. Nathaniel Gravely has vision in spades.

Long before the Louisville microbrew scene took off, Nathaniel was dreaming of the potential. Hailing from Northern Kentucky, this UK grad has a passion for the live local music scene. He spent years boosting artists through MTV & CMT as he slowly built momentum & a team with the goal of creating the first music brewery, a place committed to crafting both hops & original sound.

Louisville was always the place he saw his vision coming to fruition. He recruited his brewmaster, now brother-in-law, to join the team (although Cory may remember the recruitment experience as being pestered to death until he gave in to the 1000+ mile move) & their powers combined gave birth to the venue/brewery now known as Gravely Brewing.

A history buff (& a bit obsessed with the stories behind old buildings) he landed in a great one. Once home to one of Louisville’s first German brew houses, the space has character in every corner. It’s acoustics are incredible & that’s no accident. (They even earned a nod from our Orchestra’s own Teddy Abrams, a man that knows more than a thing or two about sound.) If you pay attention you’ll notice the Gravely brand has a simple aesthetic committed to deliberate details. Their logo a G note on the treble clef, also pointing (in my eyes) to the simple but full notes of flavor in every house blend, & music paraphernalia in all the right places & never over the top.

I recently had the pleasure of hearing Nathaniel share his story, while oozing passion for the creative entrepreneurial pursuit. He is on this journey with intention, connecting artists to quality performance space, audiences to their music, & everyone to great beer.

Stellar combo, right?

He is investing in our city & inspiring others to realize their personal & professional visions. I for one, am grateful to have heard the first chapter of his tale & can’t wait for the next to be unveiled.

So join me for a pint & a show sometime. I’ll be lifting a glass to Nathaniel & Cory & their team, my new favorite brewery in town.

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