It was an early Saturday morning in September when I showed up to the Slugger Field Parking lot. I had already “fueled” up by drinking a Redbull and eating a Cliff bar and was ready to tackle the photoshoot that my friend Nathan had asked me to volunteer my services to. However, this photoshoot wasn’t like anything I’ve ever done and still to this date is one of the most unique photoshoots I’ve done. I knew I would be walking a lot but didn’t have any idea how much until I got to Slugger Field…


Nathan works for a non-profit called Active Heroes and this event was one of their Carry the Fallen “Ruck Marches”. I, probably like you, didn’t know what a “ruck” was until I asked Nathan who said it’s, “Carrying a backpack with weight in it for many miles, typically about 50 lbs, and today we are marching around 20 miles.”

Carry the Fallen

Some of the participants came with a fully loaded ruck while others added extra weight to their bags

Our march was from Slugger Field to Veterans Memorial Park in Jeffersontown. After talking to Nathan some more I found out that they carry the weight in the backpack to symbolize the emotional weight some veterans carry after coming back from war.

Carry the Fallen

Ribbons of Veterans who were victims of veteran suicide

I was shocked to learn that 22 veterans commit suicide daily. This is why Carry the Fallen and Active Heroes exist. To bring awareness that we are loosing more veterans to suicide than to war. They do these marches around high traffic areas and carry a banner with their call to action so people will stop to ask questions or take pictures.  

Carry the Fallen

Participants march down Broadway toward Baxter Ave displaying the Carry The Fallen banner

We typically remember the price that was paid for our freedom on national holidays and we say thanks to our veterans. However, I challenge you today to step up and help these veterans fight their emotional wars since they gave it all for you.


You can donate to Carry The Fallen HERE. There will also be an event in September 2018 called Hero Strong Fit Fest. Be sure to check out to event below

Carry the Fallen, Hero Strong


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