I woke up shivering this morning. Sometime in the middle of the night a transformer blew in my neck of the neighborhood & several blocks of Germantown went black.

My solution? Add extra blankets for the last two hours of sleep & then figure out which family member or friend who still had electricity could let me borrow an outlet for the blowdryer. I didn’t even think about my day not continuing as normal. I wound up at my brother’s house & had a little breakfast with my sister-in-law after getting ready for work. So, the power outage actually ended up making my morning, not ruining it. 

While driving to my first event of the day, with dry hair & a full belly, I thought to myself how horrible it would have been to wake up with no walls to stave off the blistering cold.

Local musician Zach Longoria had this same thought recently after learning about cold weather deaths among the Louisville homeless population. Unlike me, he didn’t drive through the thought & on to the rest of his day.

He stopped & did something about it.

Because homeless or not, these men & women are our neighbors, & our neighbors should not be dying in the cold. 

While homelessness is an issue with many layers, Zach recognized that you don’t have to conquer the Giant to make a dent in the beanstalk. So, he set up a gmail account, coordinated with Wayside Christian Mission, & put out a public bulletin on Facebook to generate donations of basic items that the homeless need to survive the streets in winter weather. 

And it’s working…but they still need help.

This is where you come in.

Zach is removing all excuses by offering to pick up your donations. All you have to do is gather them, leave them on your front porch in a box or bag, & email him your address to come pick them up!

The big items they need are: Blankets, Coats, Shoes, Socks, Hats, Scarves, Gloves, Long Sleeved Shirts, & Long Pants.

Hit him up on Facebook or via email at louhomelesshelp@gmail.com. 

Wayside is also in need of volunteers. Be part of the teams that hit the streets every day to share necessities, do welfare checks, & help connect people with resources available to them in the city.

Don’t be like me. Don’t think about it. Be like Zach. Go home, purge your closet, give to your neighbors. Zach is there to help! You can also donate directly to Wayside or the Coalition for the Homeless. Check out their websites by clicking on their logos below!

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