Outlets…we all have them, for better or for worse. What are yours?

If you’re like me, you tend to bend toward the Hairbo Gummi Peaches on stressful days instead of pounding the pavement to burn away the bleh. Maybe you do sneak in an extra run or round at the gym when you need to shake free of anxiety, but you’re looking for another way to challenge your body. Whether you need to build in an active outlet into your life or you just want to mix up your already stellar routine, there’s a NuLu space you need to explore. And trust me when I say that young or old, active or trophy winning couch warmer, you’re welcome there.

Climb NuLu is a bouldering facility. That means that everyone scaling a wall for exercise, fun, or to work away the stress of the day, is doing it without ropes & harnesses. The good news is falling isn’t an issue with giant padded floors covering the space between walls.

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Now, I know what you’re thinking, “padded floor or no, I can’t do what people are doing in these pictures. The good news is that they have walls of varying difficulty, from “what is bouldering” level all the way up to human spider monkey. (Note: Those are not their official names.) There is a wall for everyone to ascend at Climb NuLu, and killer coaching to help you summit.

I’m convinced that apart from audrenaline, the thrill of the conquest, & the sheer cool-ness of being able to say you climb, it’s the community at Climb NuLu that makes it the special place it is.

I’ve visited Climb NuLu on several occasions, most recently for the third annual Throwdown event, a climbing tournament with categories for every level of climber. In one moment I scanned the room & saw a man who must have been in his 70s on the wall next to a kid who was maybe 15, going about it very differently, but loving it just the same. There were mothers supporting their kids on the low holds & advanced climbers gathered together mapping out ways to tackle the monster championship wall. A DJ was spinning in the background & happy staff were slinging beer from Goodwood & settting up the Qdoba lunch bar for attendees & competitors. It was one of the coolest community events I’ve been to this spring.

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My brother is a member & can’t stop talking about the fun of the challenge of finding a route through the mounted holds. He drops names of new buddies he has met who’ve helped him with angles & maps out his week to fit in time on the wall. I have a staff insider friend, too, & I’ll just say that there are few people I know who enjoy their work more, including the family-friendly environment that let’s him share his love of mastering mountains with his mini-me & her mother.

There’s one more obstacle I’ve seen to new people checking out climbing as an potential outlet for both exercise & melting stress. Believe it or not, it’s fear. Not about the climbing, but about not fitting in. When I mentioned this upcoming article to a friend, her response was, “I’m not granola enough to go there.” While man-pris and buns abound for sure, I’ve seen a wonderfully wild variety of people go in & out of their doors. From the nurse in scrubs just getting off of work to the college student popping in between classes. All races, all faces, welcome. Just bring something comfy to wear. You can rent shoes & they can help you with what to buy if/when you’re ready.

So, are you curious enough to venture to Market to see if there’s a place for you to scale your wall, whatever it may be?

I hope so.

When you get there ask for Keith or Patty & tell them Lori at Yes Louisville sent you. They’ll let you scope it out & take a look at pricing with no pressure to join. They also have awesome events & group packages available if you just want to have a day with your crew, no pressure, lots of falling, even more fun!

Learn more about Climb NuLu online: https://www.climbnulu.com/

Follow them on the socials @climbnulu

Climb NuLu is our #GetGoing feature of the week! Know of another awesome place or group inviting people to action for their good or the good of the community? Email lori@yeslouisville.com to share!



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