I loved school. Even when I hated a teacher or that annoying guy in third period was really burning my biscuits, I still loved it. Especially school supplies.

Yes, I’m a nerd & I fully embrace that. (#GryffindorGal #TheForceIsWithMe)

It was always exciting to go on that trip to Target or Walmart to pick out folders & notebooks & pens. We didn’t have a ton of surplus funds growing up, but my parents still made sure we got to pick out a new backpack & lunch box, too. They knew it was important to my brother & I to start a new year with some fun new things & they found a way to make that happen.


School Supply Stash

Unfortunately, this time of year is more full of dread than excitement for many children & their families. School supplies aren’t cheap. Even things from the $1 bin add up fast, & when the choice is to pay LG&E so the A/C doesn’t shut off in this heat or get a new backpack, utilities win every time.

So our friends at WDRB are making a way for those of us with a few extra dollars to give to families who can’t quite check off everything on the annual need list!

Join them TODAY outside the station at 624 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd. for their annual Back to School Bash & bring your donation to students in need. Can’t make it? No worries. You can still drop off donations at the station or at their booth at the Kentucky State Fair! You can find a full list of the most common needs from schools in our area HERE.

We’ll be popping in to make a donation & hope to see you there! We’re all neighbors, after all, so let’s step up & fill the gap for our community’s kids (& teachers)!



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