The YES List – Would You Support A Movement Crafting Inclusivity? [#MocktailProject]

Did you know that sites that nearly 4% of Americans or almost 15 million individuals in America suffer from adult food allergies on a yearly basis?  I ask the question; have you ever deliberately searched for a restaurant or social environment based on a friend or loved ones’ dietary restrictions?  Possibly you’re like one of my countless friends who has pledged to “diet on January 1st.”  Dieting doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sustain from a meal based on your health risk; mindful dieting merely is one’s own choice to what you choose to put into your body on any given day.

Based on the question asked above, I’m curious; have you become brand loyal to a restaurant or social environment based on their willingness to offer inclusive menu items? With restaurant’s, social environment’s, and countless brands striving to be socially inclusive, the American culture has made the transition from meals being prepared as-is, to offering their consumers items prepared in various other ways, such as V, GF, or different mindful ways. On the contrary, I pose one very personal question to you; when was the last time you searched for the nearest restaurant or social environment that offered a crafted Mocktail?

In 2016 the NIAAA estimated that nearly 30% of Americans or just a little more than 100,000,000 Americans decided to abstain from alcohol. Although this statistic varies daily, this demographic is made up from many members of our community, those in active recovery, pregnancy, medical, or numerous other reasons that an individual has the right to choose to be with or without alcohol. I wonder, have you ever even considered which one of your friends, family members, co-workers, or other individuals in our community would enjoy having the choice to what they consume when ordering a beverage?

On April 16th, 2017, the founder of the S.V. Foundation started what is known as THE MOCKTAIL PROJECT, which coincided with three years of recovery for himself.  THE MOCKTAIL PROJECT is a grassroots movement that started because of his own personal struggle to find inclusion as a non-drinker.


“The mission of THE MOCKTAIL PROJECT is to help provide a choice, eliminate unnecessary social pressures, and remove societal stigmas to create a safer, more inclusive drinking culture.” – Jesse Hawkins, founder of THE MOCKTAIL PROJECT.

The goal of THE MOCKTAIL PROJECT is not to remove alcohol from our community, it is actually the complete opposite. THE MOCKTAIL PROJECT was started to create a safer, more inclusive drinking culture, for the non-drinker. A sustainable program that supports a safer drinking culture while offering aid to our communities’ most at-risk and vulnerable citizens. A project to offer an elevated non-alcoholic beverage option in our communities most vibrant social settings, such as restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and various other social settings that you may not think of as being socially inclusive, such as the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

On March 14th, 2018 the S.V. Foundation will host our inaugural charity event, A DRINK FOR YOU, at Mint on Mellwood.  A DRINK FOR YOU will be a night to highlight our partners who are currently crafting mocktails in their respective retail environments, as well as a charity event to raise awareness and funding to provide aid to our communities’ most at-risk and vulnerable citizens. To stay true to our foundation’s belief that all social environments should be inclusive, A DRINK FOR YOU will include cocktails and coffee, a Mocktail bar, as well as food prepared by our cities most distinguished chefs. To add in a little fun, we will have our first ever celebrity mockoff!

We understand that bold ideas need big support, on behalf of the S.V. Foundation, we would like to thank our friends of THE MOCKTAIL PROJECT who are currently crafting or in the process of crafting signature mocktails here in Louisville KY.

To learn more about THE MOCKTAIL PROJECT, A DRINK FOR YOU, what a mocktail even is, or who is currently supporting THE MOCKTAIL PROJECT, please visit:

To join in on the fun, please follow our movement for social inclusion on social media: @themocktailproject – #themocktailproject

1 Noosh Nosh

4816 Brownsboro Center

2 Anoosh Bistro

4864 Brownsboro Road

3 Fork & Barrell

2244 Frankfort Ave.

4 The Hub

2235 Frankfort Ave.

5 Butchertown Pizza Hall

1301 Story Ave.