To vote or not to vote is NEVER a question.

In an age ruled by convenience, things that used to be absolute are now considered an option. When once upon a time people structured their day around getting to the polls or took the time to fill out an absentee ballot, many people now take the “I’ll try to get there” attitude, trivializing the privilege of participating in democracy. 

Somewhere along the way we lost sight of the power of collective voice.

It is time to remember & be heard.

Before anyone tunes out, let me assure you that Yes Louisville is still not a political site & I am not about to tell you who to vote for in the local & state elections on November 6th. I am, however, here to tell you that your vote matters & casting it is your responsibility & an opportunity to be part of creating the culture you want to live in. 

Just in case some of you are thinking of taking the easy way out or avoiding your civic duty, here’s some myth-busting to get you motivated to make a difference.

Myth: I don’t have time to read about the issues.

Fact: You sit on a toilet (with your phone close by) multiple times per day. Take each of those sitting sessions to check out the economic plans of each candidate, or if you’re already in there on Facebook (let’s be honest, we all do it) check out their candidate page.

Myth: There’s nothing wrong with voting straight party line. 

Fact: Political parties are made up of individuals who agree on generalities, but their plans for putting ideas into practice vary greatly, & it’s important to know what people envision in our local context before you vote for them.   (i.e.-Not all Democrats are mini-Obamas & not all Republicans are mini-Trumps.) Parties don’t help people, people help people. So pick your people on purpose.

Myth: There are some great female candidates on the ballot! As a feminist (guy or girl or gender non-specific) I should vote for them. *Background Anthem: Who Runs the World? Girls!* 

Fact: While it is VERY cool to see more diverse representation in our candidate pools, gender isn’t an indicator of leadership potential. Read about the person. If that lady power option has views that align with what is important to you, cast your vote! If not, you’re aren’t anti-feminist for not voting for her. 

Now that we’ve busted some myths, we are sending you straight to the sites & socials of the candidates to read about their values, vision, & mission as would-be future leaders. First, check out the two main candidates for the Louisville Mayoral Race!

Incumbent Mayor Greg Fischer – Democrat 

Greg for Mayor Facebook Page

Fischer for Lou Twitter 

Fischer for Lou Instagram

Angela Leet – Republican

Angela Leet for Mayor Facebook Page

Angela Leet Twitter

There’s not enough space to post every option for every other state & local election, so here are a few comprehensive sites that can help you find & research who will be on your specific ballot!

If you live in Jefferson County & want to know where to vote based on your address, as well as who will be on your ballot, CLICK HERE!

Not a Jefferson Countian? No problem! Click HERE to visit Ballotpedia to find out the candidates for your area & research their stances on the key issues in your community!

No matter how you vote, be sure you do it on Tuesday, November 6th! Post pics of your “I Voted” armbands or stickers with pride using #YesIVoted & be featured on our story along with our staff! 

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