Instagrammers of Louisville LOVE the mural magic that lines many of our streets. From Shelby Park & NuLu to Germantown & the Highlands, there are iconic paintings hugging the sides of buildings everywhere you look.

But, just like the best food isn’t limited to those high traffic neighborhoods, neither is great street art. So, we drove the West End to see what we could find in the way of jaw dropping creations on concrete canvases…& it was amazing.

Check out what we found so far, & let us know what we missed! If you’ve never ventured West of 9th to see these beauties in person you need to make plans to do it ASAP!

We started in the Russell Neighborhood & stumbled on this beauty driving down Muhammad Ali Blvd. calling us everyone passing to “Be the ENERGY YOU WANT TO ATTRACT.”

In all caps. And rightly so.

Local artist Victor Sweatt painted the children he wanted to inspire with the words he wanted to inspire them. We love it & we hope every citizen in Louisville will drive by & be moved by this man’s gift to his neighborhood.

A few blocks down Derby Paints’ Casey McKinney created this lively work that we agree is “Simply The Best”. Doesn’t it look alive?

The last major mural we saw in Russell (not including the fence wall of the Kentucky Center for African American Heritage, which is also bright & brilliant) was this exclamation by Braylyn Resko Stewart declaring that “There is Love in Louisville.” It lines the exterior of Sweet Peaches, one of our favorite places we have eaten so far on the West End. Stop there for a photo op & get some sweet peach tea & a sandwich or treat from Pam.

This gem by @OftenSeenRarelySpoken is on N. 15th Street in Portland. It boasts the Abraham Lincoln quote, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” We agree.

We may be partial to the color, but we loved the way this yellow bursts forth lighting up the industrial space that surrounds it. Combined with the energy of the zebra-esque swirls in an interwoven geometric design, this piece will definitely awaken & inspire you.

The mural turns the corner &, while we can’t say the intent of the artists for sure, given our quest in the West we felt this face inviting us to forget what we think we know & be open to discovery.

Often Seen Rarely Spoken strikes again on Lytle Street in Portland. Cleaning service vans & shipping trucks line the streets, but the walls are buzzing with life.

We followed the bees down the street & even saw a group getting off their shift exit & smile at the Spring-inspired greeting on an otherwise dreary day.

Inside a gated space, also on Lytle street are two murals we want to get a MUCH closer look at sometime when the fence is open. One is a beautiful memorial to Officer Nick Rodman of the LMPD First Division, who passed away from injuries sustained in the line of duty on March 29, 2017. We couldn’t get close enough to really explore the other, but the colors & center eye were intriguing to say the least.

We also couldn’t see the artist signature. If you can help us identify who created each of these pieces, we would really love to credit them!

Off Portland Ave. next to the entrance to KENTUCKY WISEWOOD you’ll find this gorgeous grit by @Muckrock. Jules Muck travels the world painting her signature lips, humping bunnies & lady power love on any space offered to her. We stared at this for a while & after driving away agreed that Louisville needs more mucking.

Across the parking lot covering the entrance wall to The Majestic, Portland Point’s premier concert & event space, are this electric mirrored skulls. We’re not sure who made this space shine, but thank you.

There are many properties on the West End (about 600) in need of adoption & some TLC to become good affordable housing/businesses in the community. In the meantime, many of them have particle board door coverings adorned with art. We couldn’t get out & take pics of them all (it was COLD) but we snapped a few of our favorites!

Just around the corner from the anchor door is this proud greeting! People & businesses in Portland are definitely investing in brightening the urban landscape!

We almost drove right past Louisville Visual Art & their awesome back entrance. So glad we spotted it & stopped! There’s another beauty on the adjacent wall (Flourish), but we decided not to show you so you’d have to drive out & see it in person.

It’s not a mural, but while we were driving around we had to find the childhood home of Muhammad Ali & snap a shot! We love our city’s legacy of greatness & believe that there is greatness in the West End & more to come.

Get out & explore the West End! #KnowYourLou

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