The West End of Louisville begins at 9th Street & is bound by the river to the North & West & Dixie Highway to the South. It includes almost a dozen neighborhoods, including Portland, Russell, Chickasaw, Shawnee, Parkland & more.

The “9th Street Divide” is a toxic notion that most Louisvillians accept without ever asking “why”? It’s okay for a section of the city to be geographically defined. But it’s wrong for stereotypes about a space to prevent people from exploring it, or limit access to opportunities for the people residing there.

We already know & love several places & organizations on the West End: Chef Space/Community Ventures, Louisville Grows, The Table, & our partners at the Academies at Shawnee, just to name a few. But, we realized that even though we don’t personally treat 9th Street like a “no cross zone” we still don’t know the West End the way we should, or patron the amazing places there as frequently as we could.

So, we set out to change that. First, with a discovery drive through of the neighborhoods West of 9th to the river. Join us as we chat about the things we see along the way! #KnowYourLou

Note: A phone was dropped on the journey & the outside drive view was lost, but we will be posting still shots & stories on our socials throughout the week! Check it out!

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