We all have go-to things we like to do to relax & refuel. Have a bath, take in a movie, grab dinner with friends, read a book, listen to music…the list goes on.

Now raise your hand if your list includes barnyard animals. (Note: Horses don’t count. We’re in Kentucky.)

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Mine didn’t either until Sunday afternoon at Sunny Acres Farm when I dove into the world of goat yoga with a few adventurous friends & became completely enchanted by their herd of fury kids.

Tucked into the hills at the edge of Jefferson County, en route to Taylorsville, Sunny Acres is an adorable retreat into the simpler life. Greeting us upon arrival were two turkeys, a few horses & several friendly folks ready to share the love of stretching with hoofed playmates.

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Not two seconds after I’d laid down my mat, several smaller goats were making their way to our corner, eager to explore the new guests in their home. They nuzzled my shoes & tried to nibble my toes, which I retracted from until I realized it only tickled.

Their unabashed curiosity was disarming & I soon found myself welcoming two little ones into my lap. Before I knew it I was laying on my back as the tiniest of the two climbed onto my chest & walked around.

Then I had a thought. Several actually.

1. This should be weird.
2. Why is this not weird?
3. When can we do this again?

And that was all before the yoga part even started.

After some additional playtime, our instructor Izzie welcomed the group & led us through a smooth & casual one hour class enjoyable for any experience level. Calming music filled the space between our laughter & the gleeful cries of the goats. She gave permission for us to be in & out of class as we had “visitors” in our space, & even to abandon the yoga altogether if we preferred the zen of sitting still while petting one of our new friends…which I did for the last ten minutes at least. They’re just so snuggly!

By the end of class, was filled with pure happiness & felt more relaxed than I ever anticipated. Like little sponges, these four-legged friends had absorbed any negative energy from the space & replaced it with joy & laughter.

Sure there were barn smells, but I somehow didn’t care. Yes, I was covered with cedar chips by the end of the experience, but I found that those brush off with ease. One of the goats even left a “present” on my mat (& a little on me) mid class, but I just flipped the mat & shook it off. I was enjoying the experience too much to let any challenge of my comfort zone dim my smile.

For those of you who need a little more than one person’s testimony about the power of goats to be sold on signing up, allow me to fill in some of the logistical blanks to help out. Sunny Acres staff are on site the whole time to respond to any need. There is a restroom close by & plenty of parking. Mats are available at no additional cost for anyone (like me) who forgets or doesn’t own one. They have a spacious arena for colder days that’s perfect for a large group to enjoy the experience without feeling cramped in the slightest. On warmer days class is hosted in an open field space by way of a hayride. And most important of all…

Goats are magical & you need them in your life.

So shake off the idea that it might be weird & check out Louisville Goat Yoga on Facebook to find the next event near you!

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