Vacation, a time to relax, enjoy great food, have fun, and explore. My friends who know me well, know two things I’m not fond of, one being the beach; I’m not a beach girl. Why? I’m German-Irish so I burn and freckle.

I’ve never been the girl who lays in the sun. I was the girl swimming in the ocean, shopping, or going on an adventure in that beach town. Second, ocean cruises are not my thing. I don’t gamble at casinos, I don’t go to many broadway shows and I certainly don’t want to be told that I have to eat dinner by an assigned time.

So you can imagine how I felt when a good friend asked me to go on a cruise to the Bahamas for her 50th birthday celebration. She, however, is an important person in my life. So, of course I said yes! Mind you, I was sort of dreading it. As the time grew closer and winter had settled in I became more open to somewhere warm. And, as life would have it, I ended a long term relationship and had a few bumps in the road at work several weeks before my vacation to the Bahamas. So, vacation was looking better and better.

Flights, car rides and friends were easy and worked liked a well-oiled machine. We had fun to start and then came the time for everyone to lay out in the sun on the ship. Uhh, glad I brought the 50 sun block! I could do all of 40 minutes and then I was burnt and bored.

Thinking about what to do next, getting a massage or playing the slots – meh, not for me. So I picked up a brochure and started to investigate what was going to happen the next day on our private-island-outing to Coco Cay. I looked at all the cool stuff to do while on the island. In the back of my mind –  how to get out of more laying in the sun?

They supplied plenty of options to rent jet skis, fishing, volley ball, shuffle board and then is saw “Swimming with Pigs.”  Yes sir, sign me up for that. I’m an animal freak of the good kind. Love them and want to be around them. So I signed up for that adventure.

I get lost on my way to find the excursion waiting point and the fear of not swimming with pigs puts a spring in my step! I find it and while waiting I meet a lovely woman named Holly who was from the states but currently resides in Cyprus Greece. She was funny and kind and she quickly became my PAP – Pig Adventure Partner. We are ready. We get on our boat and head to the, “Treasure Island” from pirate times. We arrive and there is a fenced off area in the water – and I see pigs on the beach!

We learned the rules of swimming with pigs. Do not touch their ears – this is a sign of aggression. Do not touch their tails this is a sign of a predator. Do not touch their head, eyes, or snout, again, a sign of aggression. You could touch their backs and pet them as they swam by.  Note – pigs have great olfactory glands and can smell from a mile away. So don’t hold your apple snack in front of you hold it out to the side! Now onto the pig swimming adventure!

It was interesting and I found out just how much pigs love apples! We fed them with a giant tooth pick that had an apple on the end, holding it out to the side of our body. They would swim by and grab it and swim away to the next apple. It was fun and I had a good time. I liked the pig named Chocolate a lot, he was the smallest!

Of course, you know I drilled the man who owned this pig haven. How many pigs? 15. Is this it? Is this their whole yard/beach? No, we have 4 acres behind the fence and there is a mud hole for them to roll around in. Do you rinse them off? It is salt water? No, they love it and get in the ocean all the time. We have fresh water they can drink behind the fence. Where did these pigs come from? They were saved from the slaughter house. How long do they live? Up to 18 years. How old are they now? 6 months to 2 years. Are you good to them? He said, “Of course. Pigs are people too!” And with that we got back in our boat and went back to Coco Cay. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with the pigs and, to boot, I made a new friend.

Even though I was sort of dreading this vacation, I had a blast! I have memories, ate great food, and made new friends. Some of them were pigs!

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