I’m so excited to announce our new Series, Yes Does It!

Dr. Suess said it best, ” If you never did, you should. These things are fun, and fun is good.” The Yes Louisville team is going all around town seeking out new fun things to explore & sharing them with YOU! From restaurants to drinks to experiences & MORE!

In our first episode of Yes Does It, we went after our favorite Bluegrass bred beverage: bourbon. We invited Chris Cates, Founder and Creator of Bourbon Public, & Certified Stave & Thief Bourbon Steward to come down to Yes Working at 965 Baxter and show us how to taste Kentucky’s nectar.

Chris advised us to start with the lowest proof and work our way up to the higher proof so we did not ruin our pallet with too big a burn at the beginning. When we poured our bourbon & she instructed us to smell the bourbon with our mouths open. This allows you to get a better sense of the bourbon smell…without singeing your nose hairs. 

Her next tip was to use a flavor/scent wheel to help identify what scent you are detecting when nosing your bourbon. She even brought her official Stave & Thief scent kit with dozens of small bottles of pure extracts used in flavoring spirits. From cinnamon to oak to rose petal, there were tons of potential scent combinations to discover. We sniffed our bourbon & compared it to the bottled aromas we suspected may be present in the recipe.


After smelling the bourbon we were onto tasting it. Chris told us about the Kentucky Chew, the term for a tasting technique coined by Master Distiller Fred Noe. To do the Kentucky Chew, take a sip of your bourbon and swirl it around your mouth (yes, like mouthwash) so you become acclimated to the bourbon & then swallow. After that, take another sip and you should be able to pick out the amazing flavors more clearly! 

During our tasting we tried multiple bourbons that we choose from the distilleries who are featured in this year’s Bourbon and Beyond music festival, coming to Champions Park September 22nd-23rd. Out of all of the bourbons we chose, Michter’s blue label was our favorite! Cheers to this lady power distillery team opening its new facility on Main Street downtown in Fall 2018!

We hope you enjoy this new series! Check out the video for the full Yes Does It: Bourbon experience. Stay tuned for our next installment, coming in September! 

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