The last few Yes Does It’s have been myself and Lori having all the fun, so we decided to head to Flying Axes to do some team building with the whole Yes Louisville group!

When we arrived we were greeted with smiles and high fives from the crew at Flying Axes. We filled out our waiver and got checked in and then made out way over to the bar to grab a little pre-grame drink. Yes, you read that right. You can have beer and throw axes! (However, if any member of the Flying Axes team deems you’ve had too much, they will sit your AXE down. )

John, our coach came over and introduced himself, took us over to our lanes for the afternoon, & gave us a very informative (& important) safety talk. There’s no room for funny business with axes, folks! 

Then it was time to learn to throw. Two of us lined up in the throw box and grabbed our axes out of the holster. With the dominant hand holding the bottom of the axe and the non-dominate hand wrapped around it with both thumbs on either side, you pull the axe behind your head, take a giant step forward and hurl the axe at the target…


After our first couple of throws John flexed his coaching muscles, gradually correcting our form & throwing motions.  In a matter of minutes John turned even our wildest throwers into bullseye bosses.

Once everyone had some throws under their belt, John decided we were ready for friendly competition and taught us a few games. Let’s just say that Rose & Jason are BEASTS & they killed the rest of our crew at every game. They couldn’t take out Coach John, though. He finished our final game with a perfect pitch to the target & knocked out Rose for King of the Cage!

We had a blast the whole afternoon hanging out and throwing axes! Flying Axes is fun for the whole family (ages 13 & up). They are located by the skatepark downtown at 146 N Clay St, Louisville, KY 40202.  Be sure to visit to book a reservation because they fill up fast! 

Check out the video of our full experience & let us know where we should go next for #YesDoesIt!!

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