Welcome back friends! I’m excited to give you the next installment of 

This month we venture out to Iroquois Park to get a behind the scenes look of the Jack O’Lantern Spectacular. This event is going into it’s 6th year with over 5000 pumpkin lining the 1/3 mile trail in the park. The Jack O’Lantern Spectacular was an event out of New England which has been going on for years. Paul and Travis, the founders of Passion for Pumpkins, partnered with Louisville Parks and Recreation and the Louisville Parks Foundation to put on this event every year! Check out the video below with Matty, the art director of this event!

Once again I encourage you to go out before November 4th and check out the Jack O’ Lantern Spectacular out! The best time to go is Sunday-Thursday.  Also proceeds of this event goes to the Louisville Parks Foundation. 

If you have a cool idea on what we should do next, drop us a comment below! 

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