In episode 5 we sat down with Brian Scott. You might better know him as Buffalo Stille from Nappy Roots and now as co-founder of the Louisville Cardinals themed apparel company Birdgang. We met at the Hall of Fame Cafe and chatted about how Nappy Roots got started, his rise to success, the struggles that nobody talks about and how he stays driven and humble.

Brian is a great guy and Louisville is lucky to have him in its corner. He’s here to build the city up, increase it’s worldly presence and spread a message of positivity. He lives by the line “luck favors the bold”, which basically means get out and do something. Take action. I think we could all use a little more action in our lives.

I really enjoyed this conversation and I think there are a lot of great points to take home. You can find Brian on twitter @KYBuffalo and on Instagram @BuffaloStille. His brand Birdgang is online at and of course you can hear his music at and on iTunes. Check it out!

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